Consultation Services for 
Workplace Problems
& Crisis

For Individuals & Leaders

  • Cultivating emotional flexibility & capacity
  • Increasing embodiment, self-authority
  • Holding strong boundaries under pressure
  • Addressing bullies, problematic behavior
  • Recovering from burnout, moral injury
  • Cultivating respect during meetings
  • Becoming a "crisis ready" leader

A medical practisioner is reading the some reports.
The team of doctors doing surgery in operation theatre

For Teams & Groups

  • Discussing difficult topics effectively
  • Agreeing to norms for collaboration
  • Working during accumulated strain
  • Recovering from critical incidents
  • Addressing burnout, moral injury
  • Creating incremental, useful change
  • Becoming a "crisis ready" team

For Organizations & Entities

  • Auditing organizational wellness strategies 
  • Deploying effective leadership development programs
  • Building effective team dashboards
  • Networking emotional capability throughout system
  • Deploying "Code: Lavender" teams
  • Becoming a "crisis ready" organization

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Stephen Buehler, theorist & consultant for emotive⚡energy

  • 20,000+ hours of consulting with healthcare leaders, teams and providers over 15 years
  • 20+ years of study and practice in psychology of groups, families & relationships
  • 300+ critical incidents,  community disasters leading emotional support to teams
  • I help leaders, teams and organizations build emotional flexibility and capacity to meet the intense, often unrelenting challenges of our time