Burnout Culture Survival Guide

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  • Working long hours? Feel like you live for work?
  • Performing a lot? Pretending to enjoy the grind?
  • Constant pressure to deliver? Fewer resources?
  • Feeling exhausted? Hard to find hope for change?
  • Can't get your message heard? Feeling isolated?
  • Overwhelmed with work? No relief coming?

Why do people stay in Burnout Culture?

Fear of failure or job loss

Some people may feel that they have to work harder and longer in order to meet the high expectations and avoid being seen as failing or underperforming.

A sense of responsibility

Some people may feel a strong sense of responsibility to their job, colleagues, or clients, and may feel that they cannot let anyone down by taking time off or setting boundaries.

A desire to succeed

Success is often equated with working long hours and taking on a heavy workload. Some people may feel that they need to work hard in order to achieve their goals and be seen as successful.

A lack of alternatives

Some people may feel that there are few options for finding a better work environment or changing their current situation, and may feel that they have no choice but to stay in a burnout culture.

Course Lessons