Our 3 Core Values

1. People come before status quo
2. Dysfunctional systems can adapt & transform
3. Clear, open communication facilities helpful, accelerated change

We can think of ethics as the principles that guide our behavior toward making the best choices that contribute to the common good of all. Ethics is what guides us to tell the truth, keep our promises, or help someone in need. There is a framework of ethics underlying our lives on a daily basis, helping us make decisions that create positive impacts and steering us away from unjust outcomes. Ethics guides us to make the world a better place through the choices we make.

Our 7 Ethical Principles


  • Treat all people with dignity and respect
  • Cherish and celebrate all forms of human diversity
  • Never, ever use emotive.energy theories, services, tools, consulting to violate human rights
  • Relentlessly seek to minimize harm or exploitation to individuals and groups in modern society

Purpose Over Profit

  • The primary purpose of emotive.energy is to support people and transform dysfunctional systems, not to maximize profit
  • The (emerging) Oversight Board will be responsible for the allocation of resources and profit
  • Multi-level pricing and fees will be available at to accommodate diverse needs and resources (post launch)

Honesty, Integrity, Courage

  • Prioritize honesty, integrity and courage in all aspects of our work, including transparency and clarity with partners, collaborators and customers
  • Transparent and clear about the limitations and risks associated with this work
  • Provide and encourage open and honest dialogue with clients, even when it may be difficult or uncomfortable

Safety, Confidentiality, Privacy

  • Protect the safety and well-being of clients and partners
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy for clients and partners, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
  • Use secure and encrypted technology for communication and data storage

Iteration, Growth, Choice

  • Continuously improve and refine our theories, tools and consultation based on research, feedback and data 
  • Support clients to embrace and enjoy their own growth and development
  • Provide clients with choices and options, while respecting their autonomy and agency

Clarity with / in Complexity

  • Seek clarity in the midst of complex and uncertain situations; comfort with uncertainty
  • Use structured and systematic methods to explore and understand complex, layered issues and problems
  • Encourage clients to be proactive and proactive in identifying and addressing ethical, practical or any other concerns

Pragmatism, Realism

  • Climate change and environmental degradation pose an urgent threat to the well-being of all people and require immediate action
  • Political and social unrest, inequality, and injustice demand that we speak out and work to create a more equitable and just world
  • Mass disasters, famine, and disease highlight the need for swift and effective responses to crisis situations
  • As individuals and as a society, we have a moral responsibility to take action and work towards positive change for the benefit of all

Founder's Oath

Stephen Buehler
Founder, emotive.energy LLC

I will manage this enterprise with care, and will not advance my personal interests at the expense of people or society. I will be honest and responsible. I will refrain from corruption, unfair competition, or business practices harmful to people or a free society. I will protect the human rights and dignity of all people, and I will fight against discrimination and exploitation. I will protect the right of future generations to experience widespread happiness and to enjoy a safe and healthy planet. I will report the impact and risks of of this enterprise accurately and honestly. I will invest in developing self-awareness, and in cultivating this enterprise as a learning, evolving process. I recognize I am human and flawed, and I will maintain an Ethics & Standards Oversight Board to support me to realize these goals and uphold these important ethics.

Ethics & Standards Oversight Board

These colleagues support the evolution of emotive.energy LLC from an ethical and ecological perspective. This emerging "ethics board" exists to give counsel and perspectives around these topics:

Consumer &
Public Safety

Pricing &

Research &


Privacy &

Primitivo Rojas-Cheatham, MPH, CPCC

Generative and innovative educator, consultant, trainer, coach, manager, and leader with more than 25 years of experience in diverse corporate, non-profit, government and other sectors. Effective and experienced trainer, supervisor, mentor and coach of multi-disciplinary staff. Excel at building relationships, negotiating with diverse stakeholders/constituencies, and training others to use tact, diplomacy, and centered-presence when addressing complex issues with clients and stakeholders. Expert in training, coaching and mentoring for optimal performance, personal leadership, team building and resilient performance under pressure. Advocate and consultant on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Nathalie Martinek, PhD

Nathalie Martinek PhD is an ex-systems biology and cancer researcher turned Narcissism Hacker, consultant, group facilitator & independent medical culture researcher. She investigates enablers and barriers to professional fulfilment and human suffering, particularly its influence on behaviour in interpersonal contexts. She combines practice wisdom with conceptual frameworks, helping leaders to discover root cause, make sense of suffering and successfully navigate challenging personal & professional relationships.

David Trachtenberg, MS

Dave Trachtenberg is a mindfulness teacher & mentor, restorative justice educator, cross-cultural dialog facilitator, and inclusive leadership coach with over 20 years of experience practicing mindfulness. 
He has dedicated his life to integrating mindfulness & well-being with inclusion & social justice, creating communities that honor our collective wisdom, celebrate our identities, and embody the courage and humility needed to create a more welcoming society. 

Currently, Dave facilitates mindfulness & restorative justice at American University's School of Education and Department of Health Studies, serves on the Peace of Mind Advisory Board, facilitates cross-cultural dialog with Soliya, helps organizations design more inclusive cultures with Appreciative Inquiry, and has helped people flourish as a mindfulness mentor & wellness coach for 13 years.

Rajkumari Neogy, MA

Rajkumari Neogy is an epigenetic coach and
executive consultant focused on the intersection of neurobiology, culture and empathy in today’s business world. Possessing a rare blend of scientific prowess and emotion, Neogy believes that passionate self-reflection coupled with dedicated curiosity define true leadership.

Specializing in the technology sector, Neogy
has worked with high-powered, worldwide
organizations for more than two decades,
training leaders at Google, Facebook, Adobe,
Indeed, Slack, Salesforce and numerous others.
She holds a master’s degree in Transformative
Leadership Development from the California
Institute of Integral Studies and is the author
of “The WIT Factor: Shifting the Workplace
Paradigm by Becoming Your Optimal Self.”
Neogy is based in San Francisco.

This dynamic, opinionated, embodied group brings discussion of business ethics to our podcast. Our goal is to model and normalize engaged ethical discussions about complex topics as a core function of business operations.