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emotive⚡energy Learning Experiences

Our Learning Experiences are designed for easy, enjoyable assimilation of pragmatic, interesting information
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New Workshop

Join our innovative workshop designed for professionals across diverse fields such as doctors, lawyers, and consultants. This comprehensive session delves into the multiverse of challenges faced by each of these directors, frontline managers, and customer service reps. Our workshop offers a practical 'how-to' guide, focusing on addressing Burnout culture.

begins September 17, 2023

Burnout Culture Survival Guide

6-week program with anonymous Q&A 

Drip-Feeding Pragmatic

Begins Sunday, September 17, 2023 and "drips" pragmatic, accessible, interesting material with new themes each week

Leadership Imperatives

For managers, directors, senior leaders and executives accountable for crisis-reliable delivery of service or product

Mastering Crisis Management

Pragmatic, adaptive skills for managing unexpected (or constant) crisis, very effective strategies for addressing team concerns when emotions are high

Anonymous Group Q&A

Includes 8-hrs of anonymous group Q&A, case studies, scenarios that are summarized for easy synthesis; all group interaction in the Q&A is anonymous, private
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Training Modules

Introduction to Energy Efficiency

  • Understanding the principles of energy efficiency.
  • Importance of reducing energy consumption.
  • Overview of key concepts and terminology.

Energy Auditing and Assessment

  • Conducting energy audits and assessments.
  • Identifying energy-saving opportunities.
  • Analyzing energy usage patterns and trends.

Renewable Energy Integration

  • Exploring renewable energy sources.
  • Integrating renewable energy into existing systems.
  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of renewables.

Technological Innovations and Energy Management Systems

  • Learning about energy-efficient technologies.
  • Implementing energy management systems.
  • Monitoring and controlling energy consumption.
begins September 17, 2023

eeQIP Training Program

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begins September 17, 2023

Practice Community Member

Become a Community Member

Collaborative Creativity

The Practice Community is a group of coaches, consultants, awareness and movement experts, artists, musicians, performers, clowns and other interesting people who want to partner and co-create together. 

Coaches & Consultants

Host collaborative workshops on self-awareness and personal development, blending insights from coaches and consultants.

Movement Experts

Lead sessions that integrate body movement practices with mindfulness and self-awareness techniques.

Learning Experiences that are designed better

Each week that information is portioned, clearly and simply, with purposeful and minimalist design. The Learning Experience invites participants to cultivate their intellectual and experiential curiosities ... naturally. This becomes the primary orientation for building new skills: natural interest and enjoyment of useful material.

Micro-Learning Meets You in Your Life

Our learning experiences are clear and concise; well-suited to modern learners, who are constantly bombarded with useless, overwhelming information.

Simple Frameworks Orient Each Week

Simple goals break down the "work" of the week into small, manageable tasks. Simple goals are easier to understand, easier to focus on, and easier to enjoy.

Short Practices Crafted for Enjoyment

Our micro-practices orient a learner to awareness of their thoughts, feelings and emotions ... to discover aspects of themselves at a gentle pace.

Anonymous Q&A Forums, Weekly Personalizations

We offer anonymous Q&A forums with every learning experience. Diagnostic assessments enable personalized recommendations also.

Key Topics Summarized for Understanding

We highlight the most important ideas and concepts, organizing information in a concise manner. This structure makes the material easier to assimilate.